They don’t even have that much privacy to begin with, chasing them to the bathroom just makes it worst. Besides, who would wanna see them relieve themselves Anyways, let Anti hate as much as they want because DBSK isn’t going away for a long long long long time. DBSK is already doing the toturing for us, since they claim to “vomit” and “end up being deaf” all the time. That just means, get a job in the medical field so you’ll never lose it since Anti will always be coming in for treatments. They were probably fans at first but till they followed DBSK members into the restroom and got yelled for being stupid.

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Why space debris cleanup might be a national security threat November 13, by Saadia Pekkanen, The Conversation Space debris in Earth orbit creates a dangerous obstacle course for satellites and astronauts. Dealing with space debris is as much a national security issue as it is a technical one. Considering the debris circling the Earth as just an obstacle in the path of human missions is naive. As outer space activities are deeply rooted in the geopolitics down on Earth, the hidden challenge posed by the debris is the militarization of space technologies meant to clean it up.

To be clear, space debris poses considerable risks; however, to understand those risks, I should explain what it is and how it is formed.

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Kim JunSu who is known as Xiah Junsu was the first member to be part of the band. He is also a music writer and composer, singer and an occasional actor. Kim Jaejoong, also known as Hero is also a singer-songwriter, composer and occasional actor. Jung Yunho known to fans as U-Know is the groups leader, he is a singer, occasional actor, rapper Park Yoochung known to TVXQ fans as Mickey is also known to be a composer, singer, songwriter and occasional actor.

And finally, the youngest of the band is Shim Chang Min is known to fans as Max Changmin and he is known for singing with the band, modeling and acting. After releasing their ‘1st Live Concert Album: Rising Sun’ early in the summer of , the band moved to Japan, successfully releasing their first Japanese album, which consisted their older Japanese singles and several new songs. Within its first month, the album reached the , sales mark.

To this day they sold , copies of this album. On March 14, , they released their second Japanese album, “Five in the Black”. Currently they’ve released 23 Japanese singles.

(ENG SUBS) Dating on Earth Part 5/10 DBSK Drama

The problem is that your mom and others are affected by your decision to date this ex husband, and as far as they are concerned you’re intentionally disrespecting your mother. So the issue is not whether or not it’s “wrong. He may be worth that to you, and that’s acceptable as it’s your situation. For all I know your family is a huge problem and a continuous source of problems for you anyway so this is nothing new.

However, if your family is generally good to you, and you wish to have general long-term harmony with your family, you must understand your decision to continue dating this man and not reconcile differences will come with a price.

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Sci-Tech Scientists uncover massive asteroid impact site under Greenland ice sheet The remnants of an ice age asteroid that slammed into the Earth have been discovered under Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier. Carl Toft A mile-wide, iron asteroid slammed into northern Greenland as early as 12, years ago, creating an impact site with an area similar to that of New York City. The crater was discovered underneath the Hiawatha Glacier, a Greenland ice sheet 1 kilometre thick, after extensive radar surveys by a Danish group of researchers.

Using data gathered by NASA programs mapping the ice, the Danish researchers spotted a peculiar semi-circular depression at the edge of the glacier in To do so, the team had to map the crater themselves, but of course they couldn’t just shovel all that ice out of the way. By using a German research plane with “next-generation radar” technology the team conducted a more thorough, focused analysis of the site, revealing the bowl-shaped contours of the crater.

But to confirm the crater was created by an asteroid, the scientists wanted some more physical proof. Sifting through the sand at the front of the glacier revealed shocked quartz, a form of quartz created by intense pressures, and other “impact-related grains”. The findings allowed the team to make some data-driven, preliminary predictions about what might have caused it: A mile-wide, iron-rich asteroid that collided with the Earth, penetrating some 7 kilometres into the crust.

The impact initially caused a cavity that was around 20 kilometres in diameter, before collapsing into the metre deep, 31 kilometre-wide site we see today. But when did the asteroid hit the Earth? The team aren’t quite sure of that yet.

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By Faurg I really do think that if you write or create in any way, watch this film as soon as you can. Either way, by at least 3. Yoochun try to stop her. Jaejoong says that he is ready to be hit because he endangered HyunJin. In this National Geographic documentary, Albert Lin takes us inside the tomb to uncover the secrets the statues reveal and how their existence rewrites history.

Actually, Yoochun us a nice and friendly boy but he often has difficulty to control his temperamental, and always involved in trouble.

Park Yoochun, is a Korean singer, rapper, composer, songwriter, model and actor. Yoochun is currently a member of the popular South Korean pop group JYJ (Present) but debuted as a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ ().

Have fun mwahhhhhh saranghaeeee. LOL I made a new friend on Twitter. Have fun and take care of ur health! The Taiji dolphin drive season is from September 1st until April 30th. Most Japanese people are not aware of this annual ritual. The meat is distributed throughout Japan for consumption. Much of the dolphin meat is given away to Japanese children for school lunch programs and the parents do not know it is toxic.

All dolphin meat has toxic levels of mercury. If an average bottlenose dolphin on the East Coast of the US washed ashore, it would technically be considered toxic waste. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, The Cove follows a high-tech dive team on a mission to discover the truth about the international dolphin capture trade as practiced in Taiji, Japan.

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. Ric O’Barry Message The Cove exposes not only the tragedy of dolphin slaughtering in Japan, but also the dangerously high levels of mercury in dolphin meat and seafood, the cruelty in capturing dolphins for entertainment, and the depletion of our oceans fisheries by worldwide seafood consumption.

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Contact Dating on earth Questions about it gets jealous but not many girls in head. Moral were so he had to new student jaejoong become. Regard the classmates prefer listening to hide.

Dating on earth part dbsk drama. 20th Century (V6) – Ore ja Nakya, Kimi ja Nakya (Single ) 2NE1 & Big Bang – Acapella Version (Album )

Dating On Earth adalah film yang dibintangi oleh member-member TVXQ yang sebenarnya sudah lama dibuat, namun baru dirilis baru-baru ini. Kali ini, kami akan membahas secara detail tentang film tersebut termasuk sinopsis, karakter pemain, dan video link buat kamu yang pengen lihat film ini secara full tanpa harus buka beberapa part dari film ini. Micky Yoochun dan Hero Jaejoong Aktris utama: So Hyon Jin Aktor pendukung: Cerita cinta antara Guru dan murid ini juga dibumbui dengan adanya cinta segitiga untuk seorang murid pindahan yang ikut memasuki hubungan mereka berdua.

Dia adalah cowok populer disekolah.

Let’s Believe in DBSK

Moon Hee Jun y Kangta de H. Jaejoong Hero Jaejoong fue el tercero en integrarse a las filas del grupo. Antes de que su primer disco saliera a la venta, lanzaron dos sencillos por separado. Durante las promociones de Tri-Angle, S. Primera gira por Japon ‘The 1st Live Tour Heart, Mind and Soul’, de mayo a junio de

Apr 01,  · [INFO] Fan Account – DBSK Stalking Mission in Bangkok Posted by { ling } at Wednesday, April 01, While the DBSK boys were in Bangkok for YAMAHA, the girls over at Sharing Yoochun made a huge effort and pulled off The DBSK Stalking Mission.

The Evolution of K-pop: When K-pop music first emerged onto the scene — not so long ago — the genre was pretty different to what we know it to be now. But through these changes, one component that has remained ever omnipresent within the genre is; the presence of the idol group system. Since it was established way back when, this group structure is still as prevalent today in the mainstream Korean music industry as it was when it first became popular.

However, along with changes in the industry through the years, this system has also witnessed many alterations that have led to the abundance of groups in the market today. To understand these changes properly, we need to go back to K-pop roots. K-pop music as a whole contains various influences dating back decades. However, most people can come to the agreement that the genre truly started to take shape when one particular legendary group made their debut in Seo Taiji and the Boys crashed onto the scene with what was at the time, one of the most ground breaking and unique musical styles known to South Korea.

During a period of increased media liberalization and technological advancements that provided easy access to western popular culture, Koreans were becoming more and more exposed to outside influences and cultures different to their own. Their fusion of hip hop, rock, rap, techno and dance layered with Korean lyrics was a sound unheard of in the industry and immediately catapulted the trio to the top of the charts. More importantly, it managed to establish an exhilarating new genre of music that provided a voice for the youth, giving them something they could relate to as well as providing them with a platform of expression that was distinguished from the music of adults.

[HD] [ENG SUB] TVXQ Dating on Earth 1/5

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