Norton Commando 961 review

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Norton Commando 850 – 1973 Restored Motorcycle

There are a whole series of “On Any Sunday” video sections on Youtube. Start with Bart, Malcolm and Steve at: Photos, history, and infomation in Special Report.

The Norton Owners Club has copies of the original Norton Factory Records which give details about each machine produced, provided these are shown on the ledger. The level of detail varies from year to year depending on model.

Confounding the cynics, bikes are now being delivered to customers. Although the engine is very much based on the Dreer which, confusingly, also displaced cc , it has been comprehensively rejigged for UK production by motorsport guru Menard Competition Technologies MCT. Unlike almost every other motorcycle power unit made today, the big twin uses rolling element bearings throughout and dry sump lubrication.

It also has pushrod-operated valves, so in essence shares plenty with the original Commando. No need for arcane kick-starting rituals here: Aficionados will immediately notice that the soundtrack is more V-twin than parallel twin. The Commando Senior used a different technique, letting the engine shake in rubber mountings, not entirely without side-effects.

The 79bhp output, good for about mph, is modest by current standards but a lot for a low-revving twin. Still, anyone who says they need more power on a public road is missing the point. The unfaired Norton is an old-school bike, on which speed is limited mostly by your strength to hold on against the wind. The chassis upholds the Unapproachable tradition by feeling right from the word go, thanks to top quality components throughout. Twin-shock rear suspension, offering limited wheel travel, is unfashionable now but there are plenty of advantages when considering overall packaging and styling.

As ridden, the suffered from a heavy gearchange and a fair amount of throbbing vibration. The latter has to be counted more as character than a fault, while further work on the gear linkage should improve the transmission.

Factory Record certificate

November 25, at I have a roebuck and my sister has a as well as a horse and carriage… these are family treasures and I would never part with them. December 2, at 6: Norm once said that your Grandfather was the only person he has met who could restore a Roebuck to as they left the factory; this is because Norm and FJ trained him many years before.

Factory engine & frame number information for classic Norton motorcycles.

This was relatively easy as the engine was “pre-unit”, that is, the gearbox was not integral with the crankcase, and the change gave three benefits: Isolastic system[ edit ] The revolutionary part of the Commando, compared to earlier Norton models, was the award-winning frame developed by former Rolls-Royce engineer Dr. He, with Norton-Villiers Chief Engineer Bernard Hooper and assistant Bob Trigg, decided that the engine, gearbox and swing-arm assembly were to be bolted together and isolated from the frame by special rubber mountings.

Named the Isolastic anti-vibration system, the system’s patent document listed Hooper as the lead inventor. Too little play brought the vibration back; too much, and the result was “very poor” handling. The first production machines completed in April had frame failure problems, which were resolved with the introduction of an improved frame in January The side-stand tended to break off, particularly if the owner insisted on starting the machine on the side-stand, leaving a hole in the frame beneath the engine, while the center-stand was too short to provide good support for the motorcycle, dragged on the pavement, and tended to break in half both later improved.

The engine rubber mounting system, which isolated the rider from vibration very well, left the engine to its own devices, and it shook like a commercial paint can shaker at idle. The rocker arm oil supply pipe was steel, and would fracture from vibration later improved. The head steady would also fatigue and fracture from vibration later improved.

The Amal carbs had float needle leakage from vibration, which led to flooding and fires, exacerbated by having the ignition points located under the right hand carb relocated to the right side of the engine after the first year. And the carburetors wore out prematurely from vibration persistent problem. The main bearings were of two types at first, ball and roller.

1901-1953 American made “INDIAN” brand motorcycles

This article was originally written shortly after the end of the Falklands War and was up-to-date and accurate with all the known information at that time. As a result, I have updated some of the data in this article. The officers were with the group until 18 June

“Illustrated Norton Buyer’s Guide”, Bacon, Roy H. (Roy Hunt), Niton Publishing. PO Box 3, Ventnor, Isle of Wight PO 38 2As England, [Out of print in Australia ].

Classic Super Bikes Fleet, Hampshire. Lots of work done. Very rare flat tanker. Paintwork a little tired. Totally restored, matching engine and frame numbers, V5C. No restoration documentation, but the new age related number was issued in Close finned alloy barrels.

Norton Commando

Restored Norton Commando Motorcycle. This Norton was restored from the frame up by its owner. All of the graphics were painted, fully blended in and lacquered.

Norton Commando Sport MKII This Euro 3 spec Commando was registered in Jan. and has only covered 1, miles since new. Costing nearly £18, it is fitted with the sports exhaust option and is in like new / showroom condition.

Classic Super Bikes Fleet, Hampshire. Restored and rebuilt by an experienced marque specialist in Sweden and still requiring some running in, it’s excellent in all regards except for the left silencer which has been damaged by a battery acid leak. Still awaiting workshop appraisal here, after which a video will be added, but we are reliably assured it runs faultlessly and the restoration work looks to be of a high standard.

Matching numbers machine with all the Swedish documents in order so if it sells in the UK you’ll be the first owner and we’ll help with the process so it’ll be trouble-free. Recently fettled to perfection and it shows: These are rare models of course and this example is even rarer in that it not only looks good but is a joy to ride. This remarkably original late model S has a lovely history to go with it’s excellent condition inside and out. The document file includes a Silk Motorcycles invoice for the rare Churchgate Mouldings fairing which was factory-fitted from new, along with the engine bars.

We have only seen one other Silk here with this fairing on and it’s recognisable by the bespoke fittings and tidy finish. A collection of old MOTs support the low mileage and the four former keepers are recorded on old V5 and V5C documents. The fuel tank paintwork at the front on top has cracked and been repaired to a poor standard with a S sticker added to hide the imperfection and another sticker has been added to the tail fairing, presumably to hide a mark too.

There is an invoice for a rear rack from Silk so maybe this marked the tail fairing? It’s not fitted now so we’re just guessing. The pin-stripes and paintwork are all original and in excellent condition may have been lacquered since new so we would be reluctant to re-paint the whole thing but a bit of very sympathetic professional repair and re-touching would restore complete originality and lift condition overall to nearly concours with a bit of detailing.

Norton Commando 961 review

Click on the advert to visit the Shannons website. Click to visit BM Bikes website. A max of km since built. Crank was fresh at this build. DG expansion chambers for a RZ , modded to fit. RZ F2 wheels with early model R1 discs.

We include all norton commando was a british motorcycles, snowmobiles norton commando are among the company’s big twins that time. Bike is full of racing motorcycles mens t-shirt – .

Origins[ edit ] In brothers Rex and Cromie McCandless offered Norton a new frame to support their successful cc race single. Rex McCandless was a self-taught Belfast motorcycle engineer and raced competitively with his brother on a Triumph Tiger He had made several improvements to the Triumph, notably an innovative new frame with a swinging arm fitted with vertical hydraulic shock absorbers from a Citroen car. The Norton Motorcycle Company were concerned at the reliability of their plunger or “Garden Gate” frame, as several had broken through the stress of racing.

Norton engineer Joe Craig solved the problems by making the frames heavier but handling suffered as a consequence. McCandless’ finished design was expensive, as it required over forty feet of the best Reynolds steel tubing. It was a welded twin loop with a swinging arm fitted with their own design of shock absorbers, with a heavily braced cross-over headstock. In two months a prototype motorcycle with the new frame was on the test track and it was tested on the Isle of Man in the winter of It performed well and Norton decided that the Norton works team would have motorcycles with the new frames.

The Norton works was not well equipped so the sif-bronze welding was undertaken by the McCandless brothers who produced the eight frames for the racing team by hand. The Featherbed frame was simply constructed: The assembled frame is extremely strong for its weight and designed to provide the maximum resistance to any stresses applied to the frame by road shocks or by the driving torque of the power unit. A feather bed could scarcely be safer” — and this in relating his experience on a Special “Brough Superior” S.

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Triumph & Unit Twins Engine & Frame Numbers () Below you will find both Triumph engine and frame numbers for Triumph and unit twins from and a Location: West Ave C10, Lancaster,

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Norton Cafe Racer SP vs. Triumph Thruxton

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