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Becker – A defensive bidding strategy against opponent’s 1 Notrump openings showing a two-suited hand. Conversely, 2 Diamonds indicates a near game-force and 2 Clubs promises a long running suit to be revealed on opener’s next bid. See Details Bergen Drury – Commonly known as Two Way Reverse Drury, an addition to the Reverse Drury where 2 Clubs shows points with three in partner’s major suit and 2 Diamonds shows points and four trump. See Details Bergen Over Notrump – A method to show either a one or two-suited hand by interfering at the 2 level over opponent’s 1 Notrump opening bid.

See DONT Bergen Raises – A strategic system of responses to partner’s major suit opening bid showing 3 or 4-card trump support, providing both a constructive and preemptive basis: After the auction begins:

These terms are used in contract bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in whist, bid whist, the obsolete game auction bridge, and other trick-taking glossary supplements the Glossary of card game terms.. In the following entries, boldface links are external to the glossary and plain links reference other glossary entries.

Ace-empty-fifth means a five-card holding in which the only significant high card is the ace. Most common bidding and defensive card-play agreements are not encrypted, even though their interpretations may benefit from knowledge available to only some players, because the governing partnership agreement does not change. Suppose, for instance, that a defender makes a lead from equal cards that establishes a suit at notrump. It is often agreed that the card chosen is a suit-preference signal–high card suggests entry, strength or interest in a relatively high-ranking suit; low card refers to a low-ranking suit.

Even though the partner of a player giving such a signal could sometimes better interpret it because on knowledge that the defense but not the declarer possesses, the signal is not encrypted because the agreement in force, high card means high suit etc. North-South agree that a two-notrump response to a major-suit opening is a game-forcing raise promising either the ace or king of trumps but not both, and that opener’s new-suit rebid shows a short suit when responder has the ace of trumps or a long suit when repsonder has the king of trumps.

Opener’s new-suit rebid is encrypted, because it can be deciphered only by a player who holds or later discovers the location of the ace or king of spades. Note that, under this agreement, opener might well choose not to use a new-suit rebid when he lacked both top spades. East-West agree that when declarer first shows out of a suit in which the defenders’ distribution is not clear by the end of that trick, future East-West fundamental signal meanings will be determined by Plan A high encourages, high even, high suit-preference for high suit when West has the defenders’ lowest remaining card in that suit, or by Plan B low encourages, low even, low suit-preference for high suit when East has that card.

Should such a situation arise, East-West’s later signals are encrypted, because they can be deciphered only by someone who knows or later discovers the location of that lowest card. An end-signal of four diamonds is sometimes used in relay-oriented methods as an end-signal. Partner is expected to bid four hearts, after which the end-signaler can pass, bid four spades expecting partner to pass, etc.

Spades are trumps, and the remaining spades are East’s seven and South’s declarer’s five.

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A variant of rubber bridge in which a rubber consists of four deals with vulnerability predetermined for each deal. Chicane A hand without any trumps. CHO Slang Centre-hand opponent, a derogatory or facetious term for one’s partner, or partners generally. Chuck Slang An error in bidding or play, which was or might have been costly. Also used as a verb. Chunky A suit with enough honor strength to play well unaided by partner’s cards but not solid is chunky. Normally said of four-card suits.

AQJ10 is a chunky suit; AQ96 is not chunky. Claim A statement by declarer about how the remaining unplayed tricks will be won or lost. Normally the claiming player exposes his hand and describes the sequence of play for the remaining tricks but such plays as finesses, unless already proven, are disallowed. A claim is best made only when the play of the rest of the hand is obvious.

Claims are often inadvisable: Clear a suit Knock out an opponent’s high-card control of a suit, or unblock one’s own high cards. Closed hand Declarer’s hand as distinct from the dummy, which is faced or open.

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Rick Stevens ”We got to a certain point and I spun around … the bridge was just packed with people. I still get goose-bumps now thinking of it. They had turned up. Between , and , participants seems likely, easily outstripping even the biggest anti-Vietnam War and nuclear disarmament rallies of earlier decades. A week later, about 60, people marched in Brisbane.

Scores of smaller walks followed throughout the country, culminating in big marches in Melbourne and Perth at the end of the year. By the time they finished, more than half a million Australians had marched, confirming the council’s success in turning reconciliation into a people’s movement. Indigenous former rugby league star Sam Backo undertook the walk in Sydney with his wife, four children, four sisters and his mother, Evelyn Scott, the chairwoman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

Many believe the Melbourne event matched Sydney for sheer numbers. By that time, a reluctant federal government had been dragged in by the unexpectedly large public support. In Sydney, the federal government was represented officially only by Philip Ruddock and John Herron, ministers for reconciliation and Aboriginal affairs respectively. No cabinet members broke ranks and joined the Sydney march, though federal treasurer Peter Costello wanted to.

However Costello did take to the street in Melbourne, albeit as ”a citizen of my home town”, along with three other cabinet ministers.

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